News Post: 22 January, 2013

  • Speaking at a conference organized by the Institute of Mass Communication, the Chairman of the Press Council repeated his well known stance that Indian media should be subject to external forms of regulation (see here and here). This comes in sharp contrasts to views of government officials who still seem to favour self-regulatory models for the media.
  • The Observer Research Foundation recently organized a conference in New Delhi dealing with the question “Media regulation: Is status quo the answer”. Participants were in agreement that regulatory dialogue around the media, must also pay closer attention to regional and local media. A brief account of the conference can be seen here and here. Pictures of the even may be viewed here.
  • The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has sought the opinion of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regarding issues surrounding the ongoing digitization process, and the functioning of Multi-system Operators (MSO’s) and Local Cable Operators (LCO’s) has (see here and here).
  • The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has recently banned certain private T.V. Channels for broadcasting explicitly material that was allegedly in violation of broadcasting guidelines.

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